Latest proposals for the Cycle Lane on the A6 Buxton Road.. February 2018.  
Plans for the current proposals can be seen using the following link


Complementary Mitigation measures – issues raised at the meeting with officers on 2nd November and follow through 23rd November Area Committee

 1.Traffic calming Andrew Lane OK but reconsider the positioning around the canal bridge. Redesign not shown yet Also look again at safety improvements at the junction of Andrew Lane and Windlehurst. Ongoing

 2. Left turning lane at Windlehurst A6 junction Can the dedicated lane be extended in the HG direction by purchase of some Windlehurst Court land General agreement that the improved visibility afforded to pedestrians by the changes is good. Concern about cycles changing lanes to go straight on in Disley direction and about lack of relief for traffic coming toward Hazel Grove. No possible solutions offered – the work ameliorates one aspect of the junction congestion only.

 3. Cycle Lane Check viability of road crossing under M/Wood Way bridge. Agreed Extend usage of joint pedestrian and cycle way to include horses? Regulations to be checked by officers

 4. Crossing near church on A6 Near universal approval though some concern at the number of crossing in close proximity. Work to progress as this is a vital place for a crossing.

 5. Speed limits and advisory signs on Threaphurst and Doodfield/Torkington Lane Reconsideration of positioning on the straights not the bends. Achieved in revised plan.

 6. Traffic calming on Windlehurst Rd. General approval of cushions and tables at junctions A6 to Broadhurst Bridge (Andrew Lane junction excepted - see above) and of crossing signage and raised area on ridge by Windlehurst Park.

 Major concerns expressed about area on Marple side of Broadhurst Bridge – high speed of vehicles coming downhill to traffic lights’ positioning of bollards, positioning of cushions, possibility of a speed table and moving of bus stop to accommodate this. To be looked at again,

General note. Since this is mitigation work financed by SEMMMS and not Stockport and no budget limit has been provided we should be pressing for the best solutions possible in the time allowed (this work must be agreed and completed prior to autumn 2017). We will follow through on the items raised

Mitigation Measures Progress Report Nov 2017.pdf

A6MARR Mitigation High Lane - Consultation Report (1).pdf

A6MARR Mitigation High Lane - Consultation Report Appendices.pdf

Consultation on Traffic A6MARR_TRAFFIC_MITIGATION_HLRA.pdf 

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