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Greater Manchester Spatial Framework Consultation- your response

The draft Greater Manchester Plan for Jobs, Homes and the Environment – also known as the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework, was consulted on during the early part of 2019. The consultation closed on March 18, 2019 and since then work has been underway making sure all of the responses are on the online system to allow us to analyse them.

As someone who responded to that consultation, we are contacting you to let you know about what happens next.

During the consultation, Greater Manchester Combined Authority received over 17,000 responses from individuals, organisations and businesses. These were received through the online consultation response form on www.gmconsult.org, letter and email.

All responses, irrespective of how they were submitted have been analysed in the same way. We have focused on the issues raised and we will consider these as we prepare the next version of the plan.

An update report has been to the Combined Authority meeting on Friday 27th September and is available through the meeting page on the Combined Authority website – www.greatermanchester-ca.gov.uk

As part of the planning process, every response made during the consultation will be published. This will mean that you will be able to see your response, as well as the response from anyone else who responded during the consultation period.

Responses can be found in two places –

Via https://www.gmconsult.org/consultation_finder (and typing in ‘gmsf’). Here you can see a list of all of the responses, as they were completed. This includes all letters and emails – as well as the responses made via the portal. You will not be able to search for responses here, but you will be able to see responses as they were entered.

To go direct to your response to the consultation, your unique weblink is – https://www.gmconsult.org/communications-and-engagement-team/gmsf/consultation/view_respondent?uuId=176490756

       2.  Alternatively, you can see all responses on the Combined Authority website www.greatermanchester-ca.gov.uk/gmsf-responses where you can access an excel sheet of all of the responses that were made, including being able to search for your own response, responses made by question number and responses in your local area. There is also the ability to search for all of the additional information and responses that people submitted as attachments.
If you have any queries about your response or this letter, then can contact us by-

Email - planningandhousing@greatermanchester-ca.gov.uk
Phone - 0161 778 7006

The next round of consultation, will take place in summer 2020 and we will keep you updated.

HLRA Submission to GMSF consultation 2019_final (2).pdf

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Appendix 2 to HLRA GMSF Response.pdf

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Appendix 4 to HLRA GMSF Response.pdf