Local Development Consultations

 Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF)

In October 2016 the local authorities of Greater Manchesterpublished the draft GMSF for consultation. 
GMSF was intended to provide an overarching spatial plan and strategy setting out how Greater Manchester should develop over the next two decades up to the year 2035.  It identified an intention to accommodate land for some 200,000 jobs and over 227,000 new homes across Greater Manchester over that period.

GMSF included a proposal to allocate green belt land on the north and west boundaries of High Lane village for the development of around 4,000 new houses on.   A development of such scale that it would swamp the existing village, fundamentally change its character and destroy the viability of valuable local green belt and bringing with it huge challenges for transport and infrastructure. 

A copy of HLRA’s response to GMSF, sent as part of the consultation process, can be downloaded here:
HLRA Response to GMSF.pdf
Across Greater Manchester some 27,000 people and organisations responded to the GMSF consultation and, as a result, the combined authority has agreed a new timetable for the next draft of the plan.   The responses have been made public and can be viewed at www.greatermanchester-ca.gov.uk/gmsf

The revised plan is now being published in January 2019 followed by a 12-week public consultation period.  The combined authority has stated that the redrafted spatial framework will aim to make the most of Greater Manchester’s brownfield sites and reduce the impact on greenbelt – as that was the major concern raised through the consultation from local residents.  

This remains to be seen.  As residents of High Lane we need to be alert and ready to understand the implications and respond to the revised GMSF when it is issued under the next round of consultations. We will keep you informed by this website.

Stockport Local Plan 

In parallel with GMSF, Stockport Council is starting work on a Local Plan that will shape the borough’s future in terms of land use and rules for development.  In Summer 2017 Stockport consulted on an Issues Paper, seeking feedback on matters such as:
* Jobs and the role of town and district centres*  Health, culture and communities* Housing*  Green spaces*  Transport and infrastructure
More information and a copy of the Issues Paper and Spatial Portrait for Stockport can be found at www.stockport.gov.uk/localplan

A copy of HLRA’s response to the Stockport Local Plan Issues Paper, sent as part of the consultation process, can be downloaded here:

click to open :  HLRA Response to Stockport Local Plan Consultation 5 October 2017.pdf